It will cost mulberry more to manufacture the bags in the future

However, in the two years of Mulberry, Thierry Andretta also failed to quickly reverse the decline of British brands. As of the 2017 first and half years of September 30th, Mulberry retail sales grew by 2% to 56 million 600 thousand a year, but sales in the same store fell 1%, the decline of 1% in the UK, which accounted for more than 60% of the group, and 3% in the international market. Wholesale sales were reduced by 6% to 18 million on the same year. The total sales of the group were 74 million 576 thousand pounds, almost 74 million 505 thousand pounds in the previous year, while Barclay PLC Barclays is expected to grow by 3.9%.

In the first half of the fiscal year, the Mulberry pre tax loss increased from 515 thousand to 609 thousand, and the gross profit margin increased by 240 basis points to 61.5%, mainly benefiting from the focus on Yu Zheng sales in the period group, reducing the discount.

The majority shareholder of the British brand is the Singapore Rich King and his wife (Ong Beng Seng and Cristina Ong), and the Singapore Rich owns 56% of the company. Thierry Andretta says it will set up a distribution center in China by the end of this year, boost its online business and speed up logistics.

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