Mulberry 2018 spring and summer series

The treasures of the Edward era, the women’s day of the escoto horse, the Queen’s garden party, the traditional English afternoon tea flickering in the top bone china tea sets – the original England style, inspired the spring and summer series of Mulberry in 2018. Stimulate the new season’s inspiration with old pastimes.

“This is the true portrayal of British culture and England culture,” says Johnny Coca, creative director of Mulberry. “I have visited some houses in England. Several walls are filled with antique porcelain. They represent a kind of inheritance. It is a pass from generation to generation to Jiabao. It is a precious legacy for future generations and can make them create treasures of their own times.”

The main pattern draws inspiration from the daily necessities, both painted flowers used to decorate England porcelain, and the classic color stripes from the seaside canvas reclining chairs, from the dim purple, classical blue, and yellow to the vibrant wild green. Bold geometric figures, delicate and luxurious leaves, these two printing patterns seem contradictory, but in the ingenuity of the mulberry, it shows a new sense of novelty in England.

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