Mulberry’s sales has dropped down in the UK

Mulberry Group PLC PLC Michael explains that foreign tourists tend to choose other European Shopping resorts, such as Paris and Milan, since the massive devaluation of the pound after the 2016 referendum has led to a general increase in the pricing of the British market. Moreover, the British domestic consumption sentiment was low, so in the first ten weeks of June 2nd (the first two months of the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019), British sales fell 9%, and there were also a 1% decline in the fiscal year 2018 of March 31st.

“Britain is now very challenging,” CEO Thierry Andretta said in a post – financial conference, but even if the sales sluggish still maintained a positive price strategy and did not take sales promotion, he also expressed confidence that Britain’s demand would rebound. “We sell luxury goods, and many are for young new customers and loyal customers. The attractive product. ”

The product, designed by Johnny Coca, the creative director of the C e line CELINE brand under LVMH SE (LVMH.PA) Road (LVMH.PA) road in 2015, is now more than 50%. It is particularly popular for the new style of young guests. The Amberley handbag that sells for around 500-1000 pounds has become the best – selling model in 2017.

This summer, Mulberry Group PLC Marbury will add a new design concept to Regent Street Regent Street in London. But as the old British department store House of Fraser Ltd. announced the closure of the British half of the store through Company Voluntary Agreement, the 21 Mulberry Michael Borre counters in the Department may be completed.