Mulberry has created the summer classic

The brand of Mulberry must be familiar with everyone. Mulberry (Mai Baorui), a British leather brand created by Roger Saul, has been the most innovative advanced leather goods in British style since the establishment of the MULBERRY leather kingdom in the Somerset field in 1970.

MULBERRY specializes in leather products. It is built by the exquisite craftsman in the West South Factory of England. It combines practical, original and skin touch feeling. The creative design jumps off other brand style and goes to the classic archaize style. The heavy, odorable leather, the heavy metal rivets, the buckle and the old copper colored metal fittings, can not help but associate with the middle ancient Europe, with the simple and dreamy Castle Knight, a legend that could not be easily imitated in the bag.

Because of the special importance of material, the same package has different flavors, such as exotic Congo leather, rough Scotchgrain leather, and fine fine British Matt glove leather. To the most suitable color, as if custom-made in general, many fashionable men and women can not resist its charm. This summer, having Mulberry bags and creating a classic fashion style is no longer difficult.