Cultural Connotation of Mulberry

In 2015, Johnny Coca of research architecture and design was the creative director of Mulberry. It was responsible for the design of the garment series, leather goods series and accessories series, and was responsible for the image and development of the Mulberry brand. Born in Seville, Spain, Johnny interprets British customs and British culture from an international perspective. Based on London, we continue to draw on the multiculturalism, history and creation of this city, and the people living in this city, and try to present the popular symbol of the traditional essence of Mulberry and the Somerset complex.

Born in Somerset in 1971, the brand has always adhered to the family working atmosphere and community concept. Now 600 skilled and skilled local craftsmen work together with the creative team led by Johnny Coca to consolidate the position of Mulberry as the largest luxury leather manufacturer in the UK.

Creative director Johnny Coca studied architecture and design. His passion for mathematics and engineering was as strong as color and painting. His passion for design stems from creating the beautiful things for everyday life for everyone, durable and classic is his insistence. For Johnny, the real beauty of design comes from its practicality. The luxury goods channel VIPLUX, Mulberry brings brand classic hot money, fashion and classic parallel. The new brand’s classic Bayswater handbag has been included in the new brand. The stylish color and pattern can make all the fashionable ladies find their own heart. And the two characteristics of big capacity and durability make a Hollywood actress love it.