It will cost mulberry more to manufacture the bags in the future

However, in the two years of Mulberry, Thierry Andretta also failed to quickly reverse the decline of British brands. As of the 2017 first and half years of September 30th, Mulberry retail sales grew by 2% to 56 million 600 thousand a year, but sales in the same store fell 1%, the decline of 1% in the UK, which accounted for more than 60% of the group, and 3% in the international market. Wholesale sales were reduced by 6% to 18 million on the same year. The total sales of the group were 74 million 576 thousand pounds, almost 74 million 505 thousand pounds in the previous year, while Barclay PLC Barclays is expected to grow by 3.9%.

In the first half of the fiscal year, the Mulberry pre tax loss increased from 515 thousand to 609 thousand, and the gross profit margin increased by 240 basis points to 61.5%, mainly benefiting from the focus on Yu Zheng sales in the period group, reducing the discount.

The majority shareholder of the British brand is the Singapore Rich King and his wife (Ong Beng Seng and Cristina Ong), and the Singapore Rich owns 56% of the company. Thierry Andretta says it will set up a distribution center in China by the end of this year, boost its online business and speed up logistics.

Mulberry 2018 spring and summer series

The treasures of the Edward era, the women’s day of the escoto horse, the Queen’s garden party, the traditional English afternoon tea flickering in the top bone china tea sets – the original England style, inspired the spring and summer series of Mulberry in 2018. Stimulate the new season’s inspiration with old pastimes.

“This is the true portrayal of British culture and England culture,” says Johnny Coca, creative director of Mulberry. “I have visited some houses in England. Several walls are filled with antique porcelain. They represent a kind of inheritance. It is a pass from generation to generation to Jiabao. It is a precious legacy for future generations and can make them create treasures of their own times.”

The main pattern draws inspiration from the daily necessities, both painted flowers used to decorate England porcelain, and the classic color stripes from the seaside canvas reclining chairs, from the dim purple, classical blue, and yellow to the vibrant wild green. Bold geometric figures, delicate and luxurious leaves, these two printing patterns seem contradictory, but in the ingenuity of the mulberry, it shows a new sense of novelty in England.

British Mulberry enlarges it’s sales in the Asian market

It is reported that Mulberry is now expanding its efforts in the Asian market to stimulate growth. This year, it has established joint ventures in China and Japan, and has opened new stores in Shanghai and Hongkong.

“We hope to become a more international luxury brand.” Thierry Andretta, president of the company, said, “Our uncompromising sales strategy has also worked well, demonstrating that our new design is popular with customers. For example, the Amberley bag issued in July has become a best seller.

It is reported that Mulberry is now concentrating on the sale of positive price products, reducing the discount. In the country’s markets, Japan’s joint venture shows a preliminary sign of success, and the group has opened 5 stores locally; the expansion of the Chinese market is gradual and the online business will be strengthened; the focus of the European and North American markets is to improve the productivity of existing stores, while at the same time refurbishing stores strategically. The network, the expansion of the new store that maintains a limited degree.

Mulberry will further optimize the online business

Since the beginning of this year, the British luxury brand Mulberry began to focus its focus on the Asian market, set up joint ventures in China and Japan, and opened new stores in Shanghai and Hongkong to further optimize the online business. In Europe and North America, the focus is to increase the conversion rate of existing stores, while renovating the limited expansion of new stores.

At the beginning of December last year, Mulberry and the largest shareholder Challice limited set up Mulberry (Asia) Limited, which was mainly responsible for the development of the whole large China region, including Mainland China, Hongkong and Taiwan, and set up 4 stores in China.

The full channel network. Mulberry has 2 million pounds to control 60% of the equity capital of Mulberry (Asia) Limited, and it is expected to lose in the first two years of the first two years, and will start to make a profit for third years. At the same time, Mulberry invested about 3 million pounds in marketing in Asia.

The cooperation between merchant retailer Onward Holdings Co.Ltd. ewad group and the Onward Global Fashion Co.Ltd. of the latter set up Mulberry Japan Co. of the half share joint venture to replace the original distribution agreement.

Mulberry’s sales has dropped down in the UK

Mulberry Group PLC PLC Michael explains that foreign tourists tend to choose other European Shopping resorts, such as Paris and Milan, since the massive devaluation of the pound after the 2016 referendum has led to a general increase in the pricing of the British market. Moreover, the British domestic consumption sentiment was low, so in the first ten weeks of June 2nd (the first two months of the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019), British sales fell 9%, and there were also a 1% decline in the fiscal year 2018 of March 31st.

“Britain is now very challenging,” CEO Thierry Andretta said in a post – financial conference, but even if the sales sluggish still maintained a positive price strategy and did not take sales promotion, he also expressed confidence that Britain’s demand would rebound. “We sell luxury goods, and many are for young new customers and loyal customers. The attractive product. ”

The product, designed by Johnny Coca, the creative director of the C e line CELINE brand under LVMH SE (LVMH.PA) Road (LVMH.PA) road in 2015, is now more than 50%. It is particularly popular for the new style of young guests. The Amberley handbag that sells for around 500-1000 pounds has become the best – selling model in 2017.

This summer, Mulberry Group PLC Marbury will add a new design concept to Regent Street Regent Street in London. But as the old British department store House of Fraser Ltd. announced the closure of the British half of the store through Company Voluntary Agreement, the 21 Mulberry Michael Borre counters in the Department may be completed.

Mulberry annotates a new chapter of leather fashion

The tradition and essence of Mulberry are classic British style. The original inspiration was derived from the British idyllic style (hunting, shooting, fishing), and the Mulberry signature style called the “English style” in 1975. Today, this concept still gives us inspiration. Between the city and the idyllic, the quiet of Somerset and the fast pace of London, Mulberry combines the pure traditional crafts with the innovative fashion elements. The combination of tradition and unruly – breaking the stereotypes and bringing forth new ideas.

Over the past forty years, Mulberry has always been a leading British lifestyle brand and enjoys a world-wide reputation for its quality and design. Mulberry handbags, Trout Academy bags, Bayswater and Alexa bags have become contemporary classics and models of British design and manufacture. Roger Saul’s successor, the design and creative director of the Nicholas Knightly, Stuart Vevers, Emma Hill and the 2015 successor Johnny Coca, everyone in the Mulberry brand of their own imprint, constantly re deduce the essence of the brand, and style trend.

Today, Mulberry interprets traditional classics with a unique perspective and focuses on the cultural contrast of great British characteristics. It is interpreted by a new perspective by reviewing past designs and rich English traditions. Rededuce traditional classics with modern essence. Traditional and modern, classic and novel.

Mulberry has created the summer classic

The brand of Mulberry must be familiar with everyone. Mulberry (Mai Baorui), a British leather brand created by Roger Saul, has been the most innovative advanced leather goods in British style since the establishment of the MULBERRY leather kingdom in the Somerset field in 1970.

MULBERRY specializes in leather products. It is built by the exquisite craftsman in the West South Factory of England. It combines practical, original and skin touch feeling. The creative design jumps off other brand style and goes to the classic archaize style. The heavy, odorable leather, the heavy metal rivets, the buckle and the old copper colored metal fittings, can not help but associate with the middle ancient Europe, with the simple and dreamy Castle Knight, a legend that could not be easily imitated in the bag.

Because of the special importance of material, the same package has different flavors, such as exotic Congo leather, rough Scotchgrain leather, and fine fine British Matt glove leather. To the most suitable color, as if custom-made in general, many fashionable men and women can not resist its charm. This summer, having Mulberry bags and creating a classic fashion style is no longer difficult.

Cultural Connotation of Mulberry

In 2015, Johnny Coca of research architecture and design was the creative director of Mulberry. It was responsible for the design of the garment series, leather goods series and accessories series, and was responsible for the image and development of the Mulberry brand. Born in Seville, Spain, Johnny interprets British customs and British culture from an international perspective. Based on London, we continue to draw on the multiculturalism, history and creation of this city, and the people living in this city, and try to present the popular symbol of the traditional essence of Mulberry and the Somerset complex.

Born in Somerset in 1971, the brand has always adhered to the family working atmosphere and community concept. Now 600 skilled and skilled local craftsmen work together with the creative team led by Johnny Coca to consolidate the position of Mulberry as the largest luxury leather manufacturer in the UK.

Creative director Johnny Coca studied architecture and design. His passion for mathematics and engineering was as strong as color and painting. His passion for design stems from creating the beautiful things for everyday life for everyone, durable and classic is his insistence. For Johnny, the real beauty of design comes from its practicality. The luxury goods channel VIPLUX, Mulberry brings brand classic hot money, fashion and classic parallel. The new brand’s classic Bayswater handbag has been included in the new brand. The stylish color and pattern can make all the fashionable ladies find their own heart. And the two characteristics of big capacity and durability make a Hollywood actress love it.